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Search glitches & fails to find any REQ or stops searching


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It doesn't happen every time but I've been recently been having a issue when I search on both the cursor or manual search it never stops searching & just goes on forever scanning through the numbers, if u refresh page or logout as soon as u come back its still stuck scrolling the numbers.
Is it just me or is other people having this too?
I wouldn't mind but it uses up the stamina & u don't get any reward for it however I think it does still add xp, just sucks though as I've already lost at least 20 stamina points so far to this bug.
I also have to logout & log back in every time its time to collect stamina.
That's the only 2 bugs I've found so far, if you guys can fix these it would be massively appreciated.


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Hey Skunk, thanks for the feedback and notes. There are definitely some bugs that a recent increase in activity has helped expose. Just today an update was pushed out to help address some.

As a general good practice, since the app is in beta and active development. I highly encourage, whenever something 'off' is experienced to do the following:

- Logout
- Press F12 (opens dev tools in Chrome)
- Press and Hold the 'Refresh' button
- Select 'Empty Cache and Hard Reload'

This may resolve some issues while they are being patched.

It is not just you experiencing these issues.

There should be no concern about stamina being wasted. The only way that stamina can decrease is if it was successful on the server. I.e. the search did complete and did reward you some tokens, which would have shown on the history list. Unfortunately, that feedback is not apparent when the spinner is errored and running continuously.

I pushed an update today which may address the collect stamina bug, please follow the steps above to ensure you have latest.

Added some stamina to your account, thanks for the feedback and patience through beta!