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Can anyone see fit to guide me through all of this. I just registered and I have no idea what to do.
Thank you for your help in advance!


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Hi KarateKir - Developer here. Welcome to REQLoot!

Have you checked out the 'How to Play' walk through? The link is directly above the account settings on the main page.

Basically, on the map (the center image), I've placed thousands of prizes (tokens and stamina) across the different coordinates. 1 coordinate has a static 2,500+ REQ token prize. There is the 6k+ Team Prize and another 2k+ Subscriber prize. Then there are many smaller (1,2,5,100, ect) token prizes that can be found as well.

You earn stamina throughout the day and it costs 1 stamina to search for a prize.

If you want to earn more stamina you can earn experience and increase your account level, hang out in Twitch chat and get stamina from the giveaway bot, become a subscriber for even more stamina, earn stamina and tokens by watching videos and/or completing affiliate offers.

If you'd like some instant feedback, our Discord has many players and myself available: