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Stamina Collection


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I'm wondering if there's a reason that we can only collect one stamina at a time, and our stamina generation does not continue until collecting would fill our stamina to 'max' based on our level.. also I think it would be fair if the rate of stamina generated decreased the more there was 'banked' to collect (so if you're level 3 your first stamina to collect would take 30 minutes as normal, then, if you didn't collect it for (say 15 minutes) your next 30 minute timer would start, OR if the stamina we collect is considered to be 'constantly' filling up, (about 3.33% per minute for our level 3 player) then the rate of stamina added to the 'collection pool' could be decreased by say 30% of the current rate (meaning about 2.22% per minute for the same level three player with one stamina ready to collect)


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You raise some good points about stamina.

Its current behavior was a result of early development, # of players, and map size area. The way it works now promotes frequent play time and game play activity spread out across more time. This helps keep players active and promotes retention.

Stamina generation is going to change with the addition of Guilds, which is currently a work in progress. I've shared some more information about guilds in the discord:

I'll consider your suggestions as I develop the feature.