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Bugs / Search glitches & fails to find any REQ or stops searching
« on: July 05, 2019, 11:48:17 am »
It doesn't happen every time but I've been recently been having a issue when I search on both the cursor or manual search it never stops searching & just goes on forever scanning through the numbers, if u refresh page or logout as soon as u come back its still stuck scrolling the numbers.
Is it just me or is other people having this too?
I wouldn't mind but it uses up the stamina & u don't get any reward for it however I think it does still add xp, just sucks though as I've already lost at least 20 stamina points so far to this bug.
I also have to logout & log back in every time its time to collect stamina.
That's the only 2 bugs I've found so far, if you guys can fix these it would be massively appreciated.

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