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Title: Free Stamina Giveaway
Post by: SlimShadySkip on July 22, 2019, 07:11:24 am
I have been constantly saying ""Hello""  Over and Over again in Chat Window.

It clearly says to  "Keep Chat Window Open"   and  "Say Hello in Chat"   to be eligible to win some Stamina...

Only problem is that every 20min when I collect my Stamina and perform a "Manual" Search   <Or> even sooner when I go to check on the History Tab, Trollbox  or  go to check on my Achievements.   Or even just Refresh Page.   The Tab defaults to the  "History"  Tab...    And I have to click to re-open the  ""Chat"" Tab...

My Question is >  Do I Have to say  ""Hello""  Every Time I do this?   Every Time that I have gone from the Chat Tab and then Returned???    In order to be eligible for the Free Stamina Giveaway???

Thanks a ton.
I prob made the question alot more convoluted and complicated than I needed,  but wanted to make it clear what I was talking about.  I don't want to keep saying ""Hello"" every 20min if not necessary?

Title: Re: Free Stamina Giveaway
Post by: Flignats on July 22, 2019, 11:41:19 am
So, I asked Sidewayz about this considering he has been one of the first looters and has received thousands of stamina from Twitch. He had this to say:

"just have to make sure twitch stays signed in"
"[Twitch] does not do a good way of showing if your signed in or not, unless you try to send a message"

You only need to keep the chat tab open and be signed in to Twitch to be available for the stamina giveaway. You do not need to actually put a message into chat, however, that is an easy way to ensure  you are logged in to Twitch or find out you've been signed out.

Title: Re: Free Stamina Giveaway
Post by: SlimShadySkip on July 22, 2019, 09:37:34 pm
Thanks a bunch....

What I have decided to do,  which should make 100 Percent sure that everything is copesetic is:

In addition to keeping the  (( ))  Webpage & Window Open    Which this is the one that when refreshed and go to check on Achievements and such will exit out of the ""Chat"" Window...

I have also  in a seperate Tab,   keeping the page   ((  ))   Open.   Which this one does not require any Navigating as the Game is Not Played on THIS Page.  Therefore as Long as This is open on one of my Tabs and I am logged it.   Then I have a running Record of the Chat Window.   Which is nice  because the other page  Refreshes it and All Prev Chats dissapear when you  exit out and go back to it...

I Feel this will work out very nicely...

Thanks for your thoughts.
Scott Richardson